Land Remediation, Springfield Brewery

Entrance to Springfield brewery. Wrought iron black gates with ornate pitched roof above it.

Colemans adopted a fully integrated approach across remediation, demolition, specialist cutting and engineering expertise to a high profile local landmark

Shopping Centre Deconstruction

Colemans were chosen by Sir Robert McAlpine to carry out the extensive asbestos removal, soft strip and complex demolition and deconstruction works at the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, Nottingham.

City of London, Deconstruction  

a large piece of rebar and concrete is being munched by a demolition excavator. partially demolished structure is behind the machine. London cityscape is in the background including the Gerkhin and the Shard buildings.

Colemans carried out the deconstruction of an eight-storey building in the heart of the City of London, close to the Shard, Tower Bridge and many other iconic sites and landmarks, as part of a refurbishment and conversation of buildings into a 5-star hotel.